APIs – Data Sync Tools & Apps

What are API tools?

Application programming interface or API tools are 3rd party tools and apps that allow you to connect and sync with various APIs as offered by entities, to build your own app, or work with the data you get through the API for your own app or usage.

  • Whalesync – Connect your apps, unlock your potential. Instantly two-way sync data between your favorite apps. Unify your data, connect your teams, and accelerate work. Now includes a Notion connector.
  • Craftar – Build APIs with NoCode at Lightning Speed. We provide you with building blocks of logic that you can connect together to create Secure and Scalable APIs in minutes.
  • ReadMe – Developer hubs that meet your users where they are. ReadMe transforms your API docs into interactive hubs that help developers succeed. ReadMe transforms static API documentation into real-time, interactive developer hubs.

This page was last updated on November 29, 2022.

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