Communities and Community Building Tools & Apps

What are Community Building Tools & Apps?

Community building is the process of bringing people together to achieve a common goal. Community-building platforms follow the same concept and allow people to connect with other people who share similar interests, share information and resources, and build relationships.

  • The Hive Index – Discover the best online communities. Curated lists of the top online communities to join.
  • Circle – The all-in-one community platform for creators & brands. Bring together engaging discussions, members, live streams, chat, events, and memberships — all in one place, all under your own brand.
  • Landing Party – Harness the power of your community. Communities are at the forefront of every great product. We give you the tools and insights you need to build, engage, and grow your community, and ultimately, sustain their long term success.

This page was last updated on December 21, 2022.

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