Email and Related Apps

What are Email-Related Apps?

Email-related apps are designed to help you better organize and manage your email inbox. They can provide a variety of features, such as the ability to snooze emails, create email templates, or schedule emails to be sent at a later time. These email management apps also offer integrations with other productivity tools, such as to-do list apps or calendar apps.

  • 10 Minute Mail – Free temporary email for 10 minutes. Eliminate giving your personal email and inviting spam into your life.
  • Superhuman – The fastest email experience ever made. We rebuilt the inbox from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want the best. Superhuman is gorgeous. Blazingly fast. And comes with advanced features that make you feel superhuman. A.I. Triage. Undo Send. Insights from social networks. Follow-up Reminders, Scheduled Messages, and Read Statuses. To name but a few.
  • Good Sales Emails – Learn how some of the best companies are doing sales, by looking at their email campaigns.
  • FollowUp Then – The secret to finishing things up? Following up. Meet the world’s simplest email reminder and personal follow-up assistant. Think of a date. Put it before the @ sign. We’ll follow up…then. Thousands of dates are supported. Just type what you’re thinking.
  • Drag – Gmail teamwork, simplified. Collaborate and make teamwork happen faster, from your inbox.
  • Firefox Relay – Protect your true email address to help control your inbox. Firefox Relay⁩ email masks protect your true email address from public view, automatically forwarding messages to your true inbox. Now you can receive only the messages you want in your inbox
  • Milled – Milled is a search engine for email newsletters. Find sales, deals, coupons, and discount codes from 99k+ brands and retailers.

This page was last updated on December 4, 2022.

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