No-Code Apps

What is No-Code?

No code is a way of creating websites, mobile applications, and software without writing code. It allows users to build complex projects using drag-and-drop tools and pre-made components. By using no code, people can create apps quickly with minimal technical knowledge required.

  • Thunkable – No Code Mobile App Development Made Easy. Join the millions of creators turning their ideas into no-code apps with Thunkable.
  • Stacker – Stacker gives you the simplicity of a spreadsheet but the power of a development team. Revolutionize the way you and your team work with flexible software created by you. No coding is required.
  • 100DaysofNoCode – Fun and effective bite-sized lessons that will take your no-code skills from zero to one in only 30 minutes a day. Backed by the community. Start learning to no-code the right way.
  • Makerpad – Build a marketplace, job board, app, website, automations, memberships site, etc., all without writing code.
  • Flezr – Build Powerful Data-Driven Dynamic Websites Without Coding. Connect your data from Google Sheets or Supabase without writing any code.
  • Unqork – Introducing Codeless as a Service (CaaS). The no-code enterprise application platform. Unqork lets you modernize & innovate by extending the limits of your technology, allowing your business to move faster & smarter – future proofing for whatever comes next.
  • Softr – Build custom apps for your business, as easy as lego. It is the easiest, fastest way to build a professional web app on Airtable. Zero learning curve.
  • Adalo – Turn Your Side Hustle. Into Reality Without Coding! Stop Making Mockups. Start Making Real Apps.
  • AppSheet – The fastest way to build apps and automate work. With Google AppSheet, you can build powerful solutions that simplify work. No coding is required.
  • Xano – Build a Powerful, Scalable and Secure Backend for your App using No Code. The fastest way to build and deploy a scalable backend. Xano gives you a scalable server, a flexible database, and a No-Code API builder that can transform, filter, and integrate with data from anywhere.

This page was last updated on January 3, 2023.

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