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Website of the Day: Cusdis

Website of the Day: #144 Lightweight, privacy-first, open-source comment system. Cusdis is an open-source, lightweight (~5kb gzipped), privacy-first alternative to Disqus. It’s super easy to use and integrate with your existing website. We don’t track you and your users. Website: Filed under: Communication: Customer Feedback

Website of the Day: NGL

Website of the Day: #84 It’s a fresh take on anonymity. We believe anonymity should be a fun yet safe place to express your feelings and opinions without shame. Young people don’t have a space to share their feelings without judgement from friends or societal pressures. NGL provides this safe space for teens. Website:

Website of the Day: Franz

Website of the Day: #10 Get back on top of your messaging. Franz is your messaging app for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and many many more. Website:

Website of the Day: Intercom

Website of the Day: #4 Essential engagement channels with customers are super important. It used to be, that a contact form would suffice. Not anymore. In today’s multi-channel communication world, businesses (large and small) have to be extremely connected to facets of communication, sales, marketing, support, etc. This is what Intercom does best. “Build Customers …

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Website of the Day:

Website of the Day: #1 If customer feedback is important to you, then you might want to give Doorbell a look. Very easy to implement. Literally takes less than 2 minutes. They have a free version too. Website:

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