Website of the Day: Gamma

Website of the Day 152 Slides are stuck in the past. The future is fast, flexible, and fun. Write like a doc. Present like a deck. The best of both worlds. It’s the closest thing to time travel. Fast forward from doc to deck. Website: Filed under: Presentations

Website of the Day: Paste

Website of the Day: #98 Presentations, Proposals, Pitch Decks, Slides, Portfolios, and Moodboards that stand out, in seconds. Making slides doesn’t have to be a hassle. Ready to leave your PowerPoint days behind? Website:

Website of the Day: Pitch

Website of the Day: #3 Sure there is Powerpoint or even Google Slides. But imagine if there was a premium version of both in a really nice, aesthetically pleasing, and intitutive way of making presentations. Where the best of Google Slide meets fun, Pitch would be it. Website:

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