Writing Tools & Apps

Website of the Day: Moonbeam

Website of the Day: #128 Become 2x Better at Writing in 10 Minutes. Moonbeam’s AI will give you everything you need to write killer, long-form content. Website: https://www.gomoonbeam.com/

Website of the Day: Compose AI

Website of the Day: #121 Write Faster With AI, Save Time. Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion Website: https://www.compose.ai/

Website of the Day: Typedesk

Website of the Day: #119 Improve your typing everywhere you work. Typedesk helps thousands of teams and individuals reclaim their time and send out typo-free messages quickly and efficiently. Unlock your typing superpowers! Website: https://www.typedesk.com/

Website of the Day: TextExpander

Website of the Day: #94 Stop wasting time on repetitive work. TextExpander saves you time by activating the things you type regularly with just a few keystrokes. Website: https://textexpander.com/

Website of the Day: Elephas

Website of the Day: #93 Automate day-to-day writings to save hours. Personal AI Writing Assistant for Mac. Write any content with the smart AI assistant. Website: https://elephas.app/

Website of the Day: Title Generator

Website of the Day: #71 Title Generator: Generate great titles for articles and blog posts. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Website: https://tweakyourbiz.com/title-generator

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