Webinars & Conference Calls

What are Webinar and Meeting Apps?

Online webinar and meeting apps are digital tools that allow people to host virtual meetings, lectures, conferences, or training. These apps provide a range of features including video conferencing, screen sharing, white-boarding, recording sessions, and more.

  • Nemo – Records and transcribes your virtual meetings, and sends you an automatic summary report covering the key points and takeaways, so you can share what happened with people who were not there.
  • Welo – Go beyond online meetings. Workshops, distributed teams, events — they all work better on Welo. Move effortlessly between conversations or collaborate on the fly with a custom workspace limited only by your imagination. Built for team connection and integrated with your favorite tools.
  • GoBrunch – Make your webinars and meetings more fun and engaging. GoBrunch is a versatile Webinar and Meeting platform with a unique interface that drives positive engagement among your participants.

This page was last updated on November 30, 2022.

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